[][src]Crate async_compression

Adaptors between compression crates and Rust's modern asynchronous IO types.

Feature Organization

This crate is divided up along two axes, which can each be individually selected via Cargo features.

IO type

The first division is which underlying asynchronous IO type will be wrapped, these are available as two separate features that have corresponding top-level modules:

Compression implementation

The second division is which compression scheme to use, there are currently a few available choices, these determine which types will be available inside the above modules:

  • brotli
  • deflate
  • gzip
  • zlib
  • zstd



Types to configure brotli2 based encoders.


Types which operate over AsyncBufRead streams, both encoders and decoders for various formats.


Types to configure flate2 based encoders.


Types which operate over Stream<Item = io::Result<Bytes>> streams, both encoders and decoders for various formats.