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A simple IRC crate written in rust

use async_circe::{commands::Command, Client, Config};

#[tokio::main(flavor = "current_thread")]
async fn main() -> Result<(), tokio::io::Error> {
    let config = Config::default();
    let mut client = Client::new(config).await.unwrap();

    loop {
        if let Some(command) = {
            if let Command::PRIVMSG(nick, channel, message) = command {
                println!("{} in {}: {}", nick, channel, message);

The crate requires tokio with the macros and rt feature enabled to function.
For more examples (connecting to IRCs that dont use SSL, getting the config from a toml file, debugging or just in general an overview how a project with async-circe is structured) see the examples folder on our git.


IRC commands


An IRC client

Config for the IRC client
For more information about what arguments the IRC commands take, see commands::Command.