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A generic async ACME create.

Binaries can choose what async runtime and TLS lib is used.

You need to specify via features what crates are used to the actual work. Without anything specified you will end up with no async backend selected or no crypto backend selected.

To get a certificate from an ACME provider you create an acme::Account and then drive the order on it. Refer to acme::Account for the steps of a Order.

use async_acme::{
    acme::{LETS_ENCRYPT_STAGING_DIRECTORY, Directory, Account},

async fn create_account() -> Account {
    let cache = "./cachedir/".to_string();
    let directory = Directory::discover(LETS_ENCRYPT_STAGING_DIRECTORY).await.unwrap();

If you are using rustls, you probably want to just use rustls_helper::order.


Automatic Certificate Management Environment (ACME) acording to rfc8555

Ways to cache account data and certificates.

use_rustls utilities to help with rustls.