Function ash_window::create_surface

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pub unsafe fn create_surface(
    entry: &Entry,
    instance: &Instance,
    display_handle: RawDisplayHandle,
    window_handle: RawWindowHandle,
    allocation_callbacks: Option<&AllocationCallbacks<'_>>
) -> VkResult<SurfaceKHR>
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Create a surface from a raw display and window handle.

instance must have created with platform specific surface extensions enabled, acquired through enumerate_required_extensions().


There is a parent/child relation between Instance and Entry, and the resulting vk::SurfaceKHR. The application must not destroy these parent objects before first destroying the returned vk::SurfaceKHR child object. vk::SurfaceKHR does not implement drop semantics and can only be destroyed via destroy_surface().

See the Entry::create_instance() documentation for more destruction ordering rules on Instance.

The window represented by window_handle must be associated with the display connection in display_handle.

window_handle and display_handle must be associated with a valid window and display connection, which must not be destroyed for the lifetime of the returned vk::SurfaceKHR.