Struct argmin::result::ArgminResult [] [src]

pub struct ArgminResult<T: ArgminParameter, U: ArgminCostValue> {
    pub param: T,
    pub cost: U,
    pub iters: u64,
    pub terminated: bool,
    pub termination_reason: TerminationReason,

Return struct for all solvers.


Final parameter vector

Final cost value

Number of iterations

Indicated whether it terminated or not

Reason of termination


impl<T: ArgminParameter, U: ArgminCostValue> ArgminResult<T, U>



param: Final (best) parameter vector cost: Final (best) cost function value iters: Number of iterations


Set the termination reason

In case of NotTerminated, the field terminated is set to false and true otherwise.

termination_reason: Termination reason of type TerminationReason

Trait Implementations

impl<T: Debug + ArgminParameter, U: Debug + ArgminCostValue> Debug for ArgminResult<T, U>


Formats the value using the given formatter.