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archiveis - Rust API Wrapper for Archive.is

This crate provides simple access to the Archive.is Capturing Service.

Quick Start

Archive a url

The ArchiveClient is build with hyper and uses futures for capturing archive.is links.

let client = ArchiveClient::default();
let archived = client.capture("http://example.com/").await?;
println!("targeted url: {}", archived.target_url);
println!("url of archived site: {}", archived.archived_url);
println!("archive.is submit token: {}", archived.submit_token);

Archive multiple urls

archive.is uses a temporary token to validate a archive request. The ArchiveClient capture function first obtains a new submit token via a GET request. The token is usually valid several minutes, and even if archive.is switched to a new in the meantime token,the older ones are still valid. So if we need to archive multiple links, we can only need to obtain the token once and then invoke the capturing service directly with capture_with_token for each url. capture_all returns a Vec of Results of every capturing request, so every single capture request gets executed regardless of the success of prior requests.

let client = ArchiveClient::default();

// the urls to capture
let urls = vec![

let (archived, failures) : (Vec<_>, Vec<_>) = client.capture_all(urls).await?.into_iter()

let archived: Vec<_> = archived.into_iter().map(Result::unwrap).collect();
let failures: Vec<_> = failures.into_iter().map(Result::unwrap_err).collect();
if failures.is_empty() {
    println!("all links successfully archived.");
} else {
    for err in &failures {
        if let archiveis::Error::MissingUrl(url) | archiveis::Error::ServerError(url) = err {
            println!("Failed to archive url: {}", url);



A Client that serves as a wrapper around the archive.is capture service


Represents a result of the capture service



The Error Type used in this crate

Type Definitions


Result type for this crate