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This library uses the authors from Anarchist Library to generate a random name

The intention here is to have a random name for situations you need to spin up some cloud compute resources and don’t have a name in mind. Typically, for throwaway purposes.


It’s possible to simply generate a random name

use anarchist_readable_name_generator_lib::readable_name;

assert!(readable_name().len() > 0)

You can also pass a seed or change the separator to give you predictability or minor customization.

use anarchist_readable_name_generator_lib::readable_name_custom;
use rand::prelude::*;
use rand_pcg::Pcg64;

let rng = Pcg64::seed_from_u64(2);
   readable_name_custom("+", rng),


Generate a readable name with some customization

Generate a readable name with some customization