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§Amtrak Rust API

Amtrak Rust API allows the caller to query the Amtrak API for information about trains and stations in its network.

Please check Client for the various endpoints this API allows you to call into.

Note: This library is not affiliated with Amtrak in any way and is an unofficial implementation of the public facing API. Amtrak is a registered trademark of the National Railroad Passenger Corporation.

§Example usage

Here is an example of querying trains that have stopped at or will stop at a specific station.

use amtrak_api::Client;

const STATION_CODE: &str = "PHL";

async fn main() -> Result<(), Box<dyn std::error::Error>> {
        .for_each(|station| {
                "Current train scheduled for station \"{}\": {}",
                station.trains.join(", ")



  • A client instance
  • Represents a unique station that Amtrak services
  • Represents an Amtrak train