Enum amplify_syn::ArgValueReq[][src]

pub enum ArgValueReq {
    Required {
        default: Option<ArgValue>,
        class: ValueClass,

Requirements for attribute or named argument value presence



Argument must hold a value with the provided class

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Fields of Required

default: Option<ArgValue>

Default value

class: ValueClass

Type of the value literal


Argument or an attribute may or may not hold a value


Argument or an attribute must not hold a value


impl ArgValueReq[src]

pub fn with_default(default: impl Into<ArgValue>) -> ArgValueReq[src]

Constructs argument requirements object with default value

pub fn required(class: ValueClass) -> ArgValueReq[src]

Construct ArgValueReq::Required variant with no default value

pub fn value_class(&self) -> Option<ValueClass>[src]

Returns value class requirements, if any

pub fn default_value(&self) -> ArgValue[src]

Returns default argument value. If not default is provided within the requirement, returns ArgValue::None (since this is de facto default value for any argument).

pub fn is_required(&self) -> bool[src]

Determines whether argument is required to have a value

pub fn check(
    value: &mut ArgValue,
    attr: impl ToString,
    arg: impl ToString
) -> Result<(), Error>

Checks the argument against current requirements, generating Error if the requirements are not met.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for ArgValueReq[src]

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