The core modules.

The engine modules.


The “dec!” macro for Decimal.


Column type enumeration.

Day count type enumeration.

Error type enumeration.

The core enums. Extension type enumeration.

Format type enumeration.

Frequency type enumeration.

Function type enumeration.

Merge type enumeration.

Method type enumeration.

Operator type enumeration.

Principal type enumeration.

Round type enumeration.

Table type enumeration.

Token type enumeration.


The core constants. The application name.

Version message.

Column labels - Accrued-balance.

Column labels - Balance.

Column labels - Date.

Column labels - Date expression.

Column labels - Decrease.

Column labels - Descriptor list.

Column indexes - DR.

Column indexes - EAR.

Column labels - End date.

Column labels - Event-name.

Column labels - Event type.

Column labels - Frequency.

Column labels - Increase.

Column labels - Compounded interest.

Column labels - Intervals.

Column labels - Interest on interest.

Column labels - Next-name.

Column labels - Parameter list.

Column labels - Periods.

Column labels - Periods expression.

Column indexes - PR.

Column labels - Sequence.

Column labels - Skip periods.

Column labels - Straight-line interest.

Column labels - Sort.

Column indexes - StrBal.

Column labels - Value.

Column labels - Value expression.

Column labels - Value-to-interest.

Column labels - Value-to-principal.

Default - Amortization - Column order.

Default combine principal.

Default compress descriptor.

Default days in year.

Default decimal digits.

Default encoding.

Default - Event - Column order.

Default physical year start.

Default omit statistic events.

Default round balance.

Default sort - Current value.

Default sort - Interest change.

Default sort - Principal change.

Default sort - Statistic value.

Default - Template - Column order.

Visible delimiter.

Error prefix.

Group - Amortization.

Group - Column header.

Group - Column value.

Group - Current value.

Group - Event.

Group - General.

Group - Interest change.

Group - Principal change.

Group - Statistic value.

Group - Summary.

Group - Template.

High round value.

Serialize cashflows with amortization list and balance results

Serialize cashflows with amortization list (with rollup and detail elements)

Serialize cashflows with amortization list (with rollup elements)

Serialize cashflow preferences.

Serialize selected cashflow.

Serialize cashflows with event list.

Serialize exchange rates.

Serialize user preferences.

Serialize templates.

Json line ending.

Low round value.

Mapping for column names - editable.

Default - Maximum display decimal digits.

Maximum iterations for calculate interest.

Maximum iterations for calculate periods.

Maximum iterations for calculate principal.

Maximum iterations for calculate yield.

Maximum calculated interest (can be increased).

Maximum calculated principal (can be increased).

Mid round value.

Default - Minimum column width.

Name - Column order.

Name - Event type.

Name - Status.

Name - Summary.

Parameter - Description

Base year for current century validation.

Base year for date/serial conversions.

Spaces per tab.

Type - Custom.

Type - Locale.

Resource - User event type - Current value (default).

Resource - User event type - Interest change (default).

Resource - User event type - Principal change (default).

Resource - User event type - Statistic value (default).

Resource - New name.

Resource - User status (default).


Common trait extension elements.

Common trait for all lists.