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Ambient Authority

Capability-oriented library APIs should re-export the ambient_authority function and AmbientAuthority type in their own API, and include this type as an argument to any function which utilizes ambient authority.

For example:

// Re-export the `AmbientAuthority` type.
pub use ambient_authority::{ambient_authority, AmbientAuthority};

// Declare functions that use ambient authority with an `AmbientAuthority`
// argument.
pub fn do_a_thing(_: AmbientAuthority) {
    println!("hello world");

To use an API that uses AmbientAuthority, call ambient_authority and pass the result:

use ambient_authority::ambient_authority;



  • Instances of this AmbientAuthority type serve to indicate that the ambient_authority function has been called, indicating that the user has explicitly opted into using ambient authority.


  • Return an AmbientAuthority value, which allows use of functions that include an AmbientAuthority argument.