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A newtype with alignment of at least A bytes


use std::mem;

use aligned::{Aligned, A2, A4, A16};

// Array aligned to a 2 byte boundary
static X: Aligned<A2, [u8; 3]> = Aligned([0; 3]);

// Array aligned to a 4 byte boundary
static Y: Aligned<A4, [u8; 3]> = Aligned([0; 3]);

// Unaligned array
static Z: [u8; 3] = [0; 3];

// You can allocate the aligned arrays on the stack too
let w: Aligned<A16, _> = Aligned([0u8; 3]);

assert_eq!(mem::align_of_val(&X), 2);
assert_eq!(mem::align_of_val(&Y), 4);
assert_eq!(mem::align_of_val(&Z), 1);
assert_eq!(mem::align_of_val(&w), 16);


2-byte alignment

4-byte alignment

8-byte alignment

16-byte alignment

32-byte alignment

64-byte alignment

A newtype with alignment of at least A bytes


Changes the alignment of value to be at least A bytes