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Rust algonaut aims at becoming a rusty SDK for Algorand. Please, be aware that this crate is a work in progress.

use algonaut::core::MicroAlgos;
use algonaut::transaction::{Pay, Txn};
use algonaut::{Algod, Kmd};
use dotenv::dotenv;
use std::env;
use std::error::Error;

fn main() -> Result<(), Box<dyn Error>> {
    // load variables in .env

    // kmd manages wallets and accounts
    let kmd = Kmd::new()

    // first we obtain a handle to our wallet
    let list_response = kmd.list_wallets()?;
    let wallet_id = match list_response
        .find(|wallet| == "unencrypted-default-wallet")
        Some(wallet) =>,
        None => return Err("Wallet not found".into()),
    let init_response = kmd.init_wallet_handle(&wallet_id, "")?;
    let wallet_handle_token = init_response.wallet_handle_token;
    println!("Wallet Handle: {}", wallet_handle_token);

    // an account with some funds in our sandbox
    let from_address = env::var("ACCOUNT")?.parse()?;
    println!("Sender: {:#?}", from_address);

    println!("Receiver: {:#?}", to_address);

    // algod has a convenient method that retrieves basic information for a transaction
    let algod = Algod::new()

    let params = algod.transaction_params()?;

    // we are ready to build the transaction
    let t = Txn::new()
        .last_valid(params.last_round + 10)

    // we need to sign the transaction to prove that we own the sender address
    let sign_response = kmd.sign_transaction(&wallet_handle_token, "", &t)?;

    // broadcast the transaction to the network
    let send_response = algod.raw_transaction(&sign_response.signed_transaction)?;

    println!("Transaction ID: {}", send_response.tx_id);



  • Example-driven API development
  • Clear error messages
  • Async requests
  • Builder pattern and sensible defaults
  • Thorough test suite
  • Comprehensive documentation


pub use algonaut_core as core;
pub use algonaut_crypto as crypto;
pub use algonaut_transaction as transaction;



Algod is the entry point to the creation of a client for the Algorand protocol daemon.


Indexer is the entry point to the creation of a client for the Algorand’s indexer


Kmd is the entry point to the creation of a client for the Algorand key management daemon.