[][src]Trait alga::linear::SquareMatrixMut

pub trait SquareMatrixMut: SquareMatrix + MatrixMut<Row = Self::Vector, Column = Self::Vector, Transpose = Self> {
    fn from_diagonal(diag: &Self::Vector) -> Self;
fn set_diagonal_mut(&mut self, diag: &Self::Vector); fn set_diagonal(&self, diag: &Self::Vector) -> Self { ... } }

The monoid of all mutable square matrices that are stable under modification of its diagonal.

Required methods

fn from_diagonal(diag: &Self::Vector) -> Self

Constructs a new diagonal matrix.

fn set_diagonal_mut(&mut self, diag: &Self::Vector)

In-place sets the matrix diagonal.

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Provided methods

fn set_diagonal(&self, diag: &Self::Vector) -> Self

Sets the matrix diagonal.

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