[][src]Trait alga::linear::SquareMatrix

pub trait SquareMatrix: Matrix<Row = Self::Vector, Column = Self::Vector, Transpose = Self> + MultiplicativeMonoid {
    type Vector: FiniteDimVectorSpace<Field = Self::Field>;
    fn diagonal(&self) -> Self::Vector;
fn determinant(&self) -> Self::Field;
fn try_inverse(&self) -> Option<Self>; fn dimension(&self) -> usize { ... }
fn transpose_mut(&mut self) { ... } }

The monoid of all square matrices, including non-inversible ones.

Associated Types

type Vector: FiniteDimVectorSpace<Field = Self::Field>

The type of rows, column, and diagonal of this matrix.

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Required methods

fn diagonal(&self) -> Self::Vector

The diagonal of this matrix.

fn determinant(&self) -> Self::Field

The determinant of this matrix.

fn try_inverse(&self) -> Option<Self>

Attempts to two_sided_inverse self.

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Provided methods

fn dimension(&self) -> usize

The number of rows or column of this matrix.

fn transpose_mut(&mut self)

In-place transposition.

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