[][src]Trait alga::linear::NormedSpace

pub trait NormedSpace: VectorSpace<Field = Self::ComplexField> {
    type RealField: RealField;
    type ComplexField: ComplexField<RealField = Self::RealField>;
    fn norm_squared(&self) -> Self::RealField;
fn norm(&self) -> Self::RealField;
fn normalize(&self) -> Self;
fn normalize_mut(&mut self) -> Self::RealField;
fn try_normalize(&self, eps: Self::RealField) -> Option<Self>;
fn try_normalize_mut(
        &mut self,
        eps: Self::RealField
    ) -> Option<Self::RealField>; }

A normed vector space.

Associated Types

type RealField: RealField

The result of the norm (not necessarily the same same as the field used by this vector space).

type ComplexField: ComplexField<RealField = Self::RealField>

The field of this space must be this complex number.

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Required methods

fn norm_squared(&self) -> Self::RealField

The squared norm of this vector.

fn norm(&self) -> Self::RealField

The norm of this vector.

fn normalize(&self) -> Self

Returns a normalized version of this vector.

fn normalize_mut(&mut self) -> Self::RealField

Normalizes this vector in-place and returns its norm.

fn try_normalize(&self, eps: Self::RealField) -> Option<Self>

Returns a normalized version of this vector unless its norm as smaller or equal to eps.

fn try_normalize_mut(&mut self, eps: Self::RealField) -> Option<Self::RealField>

Normalizes this vector in-place or does nothing if its norm is smaller or equal to eps.

If the normalization succeeded, returns the old normal of this vector.

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl NormedSpace for f32[src]

type RealField = f32

type ComplexField = f32

impl NormedSpace for f64[src]

type RealField = f64

type ComplexField = f64

impl<N: RealField> NormedSpace for Complex<N>[src]

type RealField = N

type ComplexField = N

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