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(some of the following information may be subject to change)


aldoc is a Markdown variant with the goal of providing the beauty and control of LaTeX documents with Markdown's pretty syntax, in other words, letting you write your documents without ever needing to touch LaTeX code.


This project is still in its infancy (pre-alpha), and major design decisions haven't been taken yet. The goals spoken of haven't been reached yet, and features are lacking, this shouldn't be used on its current state.


The syntax of aldoc is still WIP: what syntax will be the most beneficious has not yet been decided, but still, the one used for testing temporarily is the following:

  • Paragraphs are spaced with a blank line between them. (this example cannot be shown on the Rustdoc)
  • Unnumbered lists can be written with the - or the + character.
    - Alement
    - Belement
    - Celement
  • Enumerated lists can be written in many ways. Aldoc's design allow you to use any combination of enumerator (1, a, III) and symbol (., ), -).
    • With numbers:
      1. Alement
      2. Belement
      3. Celement
    • With letters (uppercase or lowercase):
      a) Alement
      b) Belement
      c) Celement
    • With roman numbers (uppercase or lowercase):
      I- Alement
      II- Belement
      III- Celement


As a tool, library and Cargo package, it provides an abstraction for the language and also a way to compile the documents to PDF. To do that the following processes takes place:

  1. The aldoc source is parsed into a Rust abstraction.
  2. The abstraction is compiled to LaTeX.
  3. The LaTeX code is compiled to PDF via Tectonic.


To actually compile the document, you only need to provide it with the input file path (.ald) and the output pdf path, like this:

$ aldoc doc.md compile out.pdf

You may even omit the output file, in which case, aldoc will output a pdf with the same name as the document.

$ aldoc doc.md compile # outputs pdf as "doc.pdf"



An Aldoc document abstraction.


Compiles into LaTeX.


Compiles into terminal friendly text.





Compiles a document to a different format.



Parses raw Aldoc text into a document abstraction.


Exports a document to a PDF file via Tectonic.