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The ai-dataloader crate provides a Rust implementation to the PyTorch DataLoader.

Unlike the python version where almost everything happens in runtime, ai-dataloader is built on Rust’s powerful trait system.


  • Iterable or indexable (Map style) DataLoader.
  • Customizable Sampler, BatchSampler and collate_fn.
  • Integration with ndarray and tch-rs, CPU and GPU support.
  • Default collate function that will automatically collate most of your type (supporting nesting).
  • Shuffling for iterable and indexable DataLoader.


Examples can be found in the examples folder.

PyTorch DataLoader function equivalents

DataLoader creation

DataLoader(dataset)DataLoader::builder(dataset).build()Create a DataLoader with default parameters
DataLoader(dataset, batch_size=2)DataLoader::builder(dataset).batch_size(2).build()Setup the batch size
DataLoader(dataset, shuffle=True)DataLoader::builder(dataset).shuffle().build()Shuffle the data
DataLoader(dataset, sampler=CustomSampler)DataLoader::builder(dataset).sampler::<CustomSampler>().build()Provide a custom sampler

Combined options

DataLoader(dataset, shuffle=True, batch_size=2, drop_last=True, collate_fn=CustomCollate)DataLoaderBuilder::new(dataset).shuffle().batch_size(2).drop_last().collate_fn(CustomCollate).build()

DataLoader iteration

for text, label in data_loader:for (text, label) in data_loader.iter()Simple iteration

Choosing between Iterable or Indexable dataloader

You can choose Iterable DataLoader for instance if your dataset arrived from a stream and you don’t have random access into it. It’s also useful for large dataset to only load a small part at the time in the RAM. When the order mater, for instance in Reinforcement Learning, Iterable DataLoader is also a good fit.

Otherwise Indexable Dataloader (Map style in PyTorch doc) maybe be a good fit.

Both support shuffling the sample.

To choose iterable:

use ai_dataloader::iterable::DataLoader;

To choose indexable:

use ai_dataloader::indexable::DataLoader;