[][src]Trait agnes::store::IntoView

pub trait IntoView {
    type Labels;
    type Frames;
    type Output;
    fn into_view(self) -> Self::Output;

Trait that provides a method to convert Self into a DataView object.

Associated Types

type Labels

The Labels type parameter for the output DataView.

type Frames

The Frames type parameter for the output DataView.

type Output

The output DataView (should always be DataView<Self::Labels, Self::Frames>).

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Required methods

fn into_view(self) -> Self::Output

Convert self into a DataView object.

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impl<Fields> IntoView for DataStore<Fields> where
    Fields: AssocStorage + AssocFrameLookup

type Labels = <Fields as AssocFrameLookup>::Output

type Frames = ViewFrameCons<UTerm, Fields, Nil>

type Output = DataView<Self::Labels, Self::Frames>

impl<Label, I, T> IntoView for Labeled<Label, I> where
    I: Iterator<Item = Value<T>>,
    DataStore<Nil>: PushFrontFromValueIter<Label, T>,
    <DataStore<Nil> as PushFrontFromValueIter<Label, T>>::OutputFields: AssocFrameLookup

type Labels = <SingleFieldStore<Label, T> as IntoView>::Labels

type Frames = <SingleFieldStore<Label, T> as IntoView>::Frames

type Output = <SingleFieldStore<Label, T> as IntoView>::Output

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