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Add-Ed is a library implementing the parsing and runtime for Ed in rust.

It exports two traits, Buffer and UI, which define the exchangeable parts of the editor.

An implementation of the UI trait is needed to support the ‘g’ command and similar, DummyUI. It is used for macro execution, by taking prepared input from a input list rather than prompting the user.

Since the buffer is rather complex a standard Buffer implementation can be build in with the feature “vecbuffer”. It is recommended to compare the behaviour of any Buffer implementation to the VecBuffer until Buffer tests are set up.

An example of how to use this library is in src/bin/


Contains the Buffer trait and any build in implementations.

Current error handling hack. Const strings for error messages.

This module defines the UI trait


The state variable used by the editor to track its internal state

A small reference struct that gives insight into the editor’s state