pub trait Responder {
    type Body: MessageBody + 'static;
    fn respond_to(self, req: &HttpRequest) -> HttpResponse<Self::Body>;

    fn customize(self) -> CustomizeResponder<Self>
        Self: Sized
, { ... } }
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Trait implemented by types that can be converted to an HTTP response.

Any types that implement this trait can be used in the return type of a handler. Since handlers will only have one return type, it is idiomatic to use opaque return types -> impl Responder.


It is often not required to implement Responder for your own types due to a broad base of built-in implementations:

Customizing Responder Output

Calling .customize() on any responder type will wrap it in a CustomizeResponder capable of overriding various parts of the response such as the status code and header map.

Associated Types

Required methods

Convert self to HttpResponse.

Provided methods

Wraps responder to allow alteration of its response.

See CustomizeResponder docs for more details on its capabilities.

use actix_web::{Responder, http::StatusCode, test::TestRequest};

let responder = "Hello world!"
    .insert_header(("x-hello", "world"));

let request = TestRequest::default().to_http_request();
let response = responder.respond_to(&request);
assert_eq!(response.status(), StatusCode::BAD_REQUEST);
assert_eq!(response.headers().get("x-hello").unwrap(), "world");

Implementations on Foreign Types


See here for example of usage as a handler return type.

See here for example of usage as a handler return type.

Creates response with OK status code, correct content type header, and serialized JSON payload.

If serialization failed