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Basic-Auth / OAuth2 easy-to-use authentication modules for actix web.


  • HTTP Authentication with the following authentication schemes
    • Basic Authentication
    • Bearer Authentication
  • OAuth2 Resource Server “Auto-Configuration”
  • JWK-Downloader to verify JWTs
  • JWT verification

Note: Neither audited nor penetration tested

This library is provided “as is” without warranties of any kind and is not verified to be secure. It has neither been audited to be safe in an audit nor been penetration tested. The library was developed to the best of knowledge and belief. It’s in your own responsibility to check the code for potential security issues or bugs and your own decision whether you see the code as safe and trustworthy or whether you prefer to not use it. The library is provided as open-source and the liability of any kind is excluded as described in the licenses the software is provided under.


Add the following dependency to your cargo.toml.

actix-web-security = "0.1.0"

The following features can be activated:

  • jwk-loader
    This feature can be activated to download custom JWKs from an authorization server

    actix-web-security = { version="0.1.0", features = ["jwk-loader"] }
  • jwk-default-loader
    This feature can be activated to download DefaultJwks from an authorization server.

    actix-web-security = { version="0.1.0", features = ["jwk-default-loader"] }

Both features require openssl to be installed on the system. The documentation about how to install it can be found here.


Sample applications can be found here.



The authentication module provides all authentication related functionality. This consists of the actix middleware, authentication providers and default implementations for OAuth2 and Basic authentication.


The user_details module provides all user retrieval related functionality that is required for the authentication process.