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HTTP primitives for the Actix ecosystem.

Crate Features

http2HTTP/2 support via h2.
opensslTLS support via OpenSSL.
rustlsTLS support via rustls.
compress-brotliPayload compression support: Brotli.
compress-gzipPayload compression support: Deflate, Gzip.
compress-zstdPayload compression support: Zstd.
trust-dnsUse trust-dns as the client DNS resolver.


pub use self::error::Error;


Traits and structures to aid consuming and writing HTTP payloads.
Content-Encoding support.
Error and Result module
HTTP/1 protocol implementation.
HTTP/2 protocol.
Pre-defined HeaderNames, traits for parsing and conversion, and other header utility methods.
Various testing helpers for use in internal and app tests.
URI component of request and response lines
WebSocket protocol implementation.


A type map for request extensions.
A ServiceFactory for HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2 connections.
An HTTP service builder.
The Request Method (VERB)
An HTTP request.
An HTTP response.
An HTTP response builder.
HTTP service configuration.
An HTTP status code (status-code in RFC 7230 et al.).
Configuration options used when accepting TLS connection.
The URI component of a request.
Represents a version of the HTTP spec.


Represents various types of connection
Represents a supported content encoding.
Connection keep-alive config.
A streaming payload.
A major HTTP protocol version.


Trait that implements general purpose operations on HTTP messages.

Type Definitions

A boxed payload stream.