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A rust translation of @actions/github.

GitHub Actions

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cargo add actions-github

Latest version available is latest version


// Obtain the context from the action worker
use actions_github::context::get_context;
use actions_github::logger;

logger::info("Obtaining context");
let data = get_context().unwrap();

logger::debug(format!("Event is {}", data.event_name).as_str());

// Produce an output
set_output("is_pr", (ctx.event_name == "pull_request").to_string());

Works well with octocrab:

use actions_github::core::{get_input, set_output};
use actions_github::context::get_context;
use octocrab::Octocrab;

let token = get_input("GITHUB_TOKEN").unwrap();

let crab = Octocrab::builder().personal_token(token).build();

let context = get_context();
let org = context.repo.owner;
let repo = context.repo.repo;

let pulls = octocrab::instance().pulls(owner, repo).list()

// Output how many PRs are in the repository
set_output("PRs", pulls.len().to_string());


  • Context related utilities
  • Utility methods to interact with the GitHub actions ecosystem
  • Logging methods for the output