[][src]Struct abscissa_core::EntryPoint

pub struct EntryPoint<Cmd> where
    Cmd: Command + Runnable
{ pub config: Option<PathBuf>, pub help: bool, pub verbose: bool, pub command: Option<Cmd>, }

Toplevel entrypoint command.

Handles obtaining toplevel help as well as verbosity settings.


config: Option<PathBuf>

Path to the configuration file

help: bool

Obtain help about the current command

verbose: bool

Increase verbosity setting

command: Option<Cmd>

Subcommand to execute.

The command option will delegate option parsing to the command type, starting at the first free argument.

Trait Implementations

impl<Cmd> Command for EntryPoint<Cmd> where
    Cmd: Command + Runnable

fn name() -> &'static str[src]

Name of this program as a string

fn description() -> &'static str[src]

Description of this program

fn version() -> &'static str[src]

Version of this program

fn authors() -> &'static str[src]

Authors of this program

fn subcommand_usage(command: &str) -> Option<Usage>[src]

Get usage information for a particular subcommand (if available)

impl<Cfg, Cmd> Configurable<Cfg> for EntryPoint<Cmd> where
    Cmd: Command + Configurable<Cfg> + Runnable,
    Cfg: Config

fn config_path(&self) -> Option<PathBuf>[src]

Path to the command's configuration file

fn process_config(&self, config: Cfg) -> Result<Cfg, FrameworkError>[src]

Process the configuration after it has been loaded, potentially modifying it or returning an error if options are incompatible

impl<Cmd: Debug> Debug for EntryPoint<Cmd> where
    Cmd: Command + Runnable

impl<Cmd> Options for EntryPoint<Cmd> where
    Cmd: Command + Runnable

impl<Cmd> Runnable for EntryPoint<Cmd> where
    Cmd: Command + Runnable

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<Cmd> RefUnwindSafe for EntryPoint<Cmd> where
    Cmd: RefUnwindSafe

impl<Cmd> Send for EntryPoint<Cmd> where
    Cmd: Send

impl<Cmd> Sync for EntryPoint<Cmd> where
    Cmd: Sync

impl<Cmd> Unpin for EntryPoint<Cmd> where
    Cmd: Unpin

impl<Cmd> UnwindSafe for EntryPoint<Cmd> where
    Cmd: UnwindSafe

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