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Nuclide is a simple modeling and data library for nuclear isotopes (and eventually isomers and/or ions). It is meant to be a midpoint between basic periodic table libraries and advanced research software like GEANT4.

Notable capabilities of this library are listed below.

  • Data on 3585 nuclides, including : Atomic mass, half-life (total and partial), decay mode
  • Decay modeling for all unstable nuclides with total energies and particles emitted
  • Approximation of the mass and binding energy of theorectical nuclides
  • Elemental data including : ionization levels, various atomic radii and electronegativity measures
  • Hardcoded data. Unlike more advanced libraries, all data is hardcoded or computed resulting in a condensed standalone library. It is believed by the author to be the largest standalone nuclide library in any language

Some features that are absent by design

  • Data on macroscopic properties, like melting point or abundance, are beyond the scope of this library which intends to model individual atoms.
  • Error bounds. Introduce levels of complexity that are beyond the intention of the library. For accurate proper modeling look for more specialized libraries.
  • Data on discovery and other metainformation. Not considered useful in application.


  • Decay modes. Each struct represents a decay mode.


  • Currently identical to Nuclide
  • Efficient representation of nuclide


  • Generalized representation of potential decay particles


  • Shared trait for atoms