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The official Rust bindings for the Zyan Disassembler Engine.


pub use enums::AddressWidth;
pub use enums::BranchType;
pub use enums::BroadcastMode;
pub use enums::CPUFlag;
pub use enums::CPUFlagAction;
pub use enums::ConversionMode;
pub use enums::DecoderMode;
pub use enums::Decorator;
pub use enums::ElementType;
pub use enums::ExceptionClass;
pub use enums::Feature;
pub use enums::FormatterStyle;
pub use enums::ISAExt;
pub use enums::ISASet;
pub use enums::InstructionAttributes;
pub use enums::InstructionCategory;
pub use enums::InstructionEncoding;
pub use enums::InstructionSegment;
pub use enums::MachineMode;
pub use enums::MaskMode;
pub use enums::MemoryOperandType;
pub use enums::Mnemonic;
pub use enums::NumericBase;
pub use enums::OpcodeMap;
pub use enums::OperandAction;
pub use enums::OperandEncoding;
pub use enums::OperandType;
pub use enums::OperandVisibility;
pub use enums::Padding;
pub use enums::PrefixType;
pub use enums::Register;
pub use enums::RegisterClass;
pub use enums::RoundingMode;
pub use enums::Signedness;
pub use enums::SwizzleMode;
pub use enums::Token;
pub use enums::TOKEN_ADDRESS_ABS;
pub use enums::TOKEN_ADDRESS_REL;
pub use enums::TOKEN_DECORATOR;
pub use enums::TOKEN_DELIMITER;
pub use enums::TOKEN_DISPLACEMENT;
pub use enums::TOKEN_IMMEDIATE;
pub use enums::TOKEN_INVALID;
pub use enums::TOKEN_MNEMONIC;
pub use enums::TOKEN_PREFIX;
pub use enums::TOKEN_REGISTER;
pub use enums::TOKEN_SYMBOL;
pub use enums::TOKEN_TYPECAST;
pub use enums::TOKEN_USER;
pub use enums::TOKEN_WHITESPACE;
pub use ffi::get_version;
pub use ffi::DecodedInstruction;
pub use ffi::DecodedOperand;
pub use ffi::Decoder;
pub use ffi::FormatterBuffer;
pub use ffi::FormatterContext;
pub use ffi::FormatterToken;
pub use ffi::InstructionIterator;
pub use formatter::Formatter;
pub use formatter::FormatterProperty;
pub use formatter::Hook;
pub use formatter::OutputBuffer;
pub use formatter::WrappedDecoratorFunc;
pub use formatter::WrappedGeneralFunc;
pub use formatter::WrappedRegisterFunc;
pub use status::Result;
pub use status::Status;


Contains definition for all enums used in zydis and some utility functions on them.

Provides type aliases, struct definitions and the unsafe function declarations.

Textual instruction formatting routines.

Status code utilities.