Function zvariant::from_slice_fds

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pub fn from_slice_fds<'d, 'r: 'd, B, T>(
    bytes: &'r [u8],
    fds: Option<&[RawFd]>,
    ctxt: EncodingContext<B>
) -> Result<T>where
    B: ByteOrder,
    T: Deserialize<'d> + Type + ?Sized,
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Deserialize T from a given slice of bytes, containing file descriptor indices.

Please note that actual file descriptors are not part of the encoding and need to be transferred via an out-of-band platform specific mechanism. The encoding only contain the indices of the file descriptors and hence the reason, caller must pass a slice of file descriptors.

This function is not available on Windows.


use zvariant::{to_bytes_fds, from_slice_fds};
use zvariant::{EncodingContext, Fd};

let ctxt = EncodingContext::<byteorder::LE>::new_dbus(0);
let (encoded, fds) = to_bytes_fds(ctxt, &Fd::from(42)).unwrap();
let decoded: Fd = from_slice_fds(&encoded, Some(&fds), ctxt).unwrap();
assert_eq!(decoded, Fd::from(42));