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Rust binding to the zstd library.

This crate provides:

  • An encoder to compress data using zstd and send the output to another write.
  • A decoder to read input data from a Read and decompress it.
  • Convenient functions for common tasks.


use std::io;

// Uncompress input and print the result.
zstd::stream::copy_decode(io::stdin(), io::stdout()).unwrap();


pub use zstd_safe;
pub use crate::stream::decode_all;
pub use crate::stream::encode_all;
pub use crate::stream::Decoder;
pub use crate::stream::Encoder;


Compress and decompress data in bulk.

Train a dictionary from various sources.

Compress and decompress Zstd streams.


Default compression level.


The accepted range of compression levels.