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Extended ZooKeeper recipes from Apache Curator.


An access control list.

Describes the ability of a user to perform a certain action.

Statistics about a znode, similar to the UNIX stat structure.

A unique identifier returned by ZooKeeper::add_listener.

An object watching a path for certain changes.

Represents a change on the ZooKeeper that a Watcher is able to respond to.

The client interface for interacting with a ZooKeeper cluster.


CreateMode value determines how the znode is created on ZooKeeper.

Enumeration of states the client may be at a Watcher Event. It represents the state of the server at the time the event was generated.

Describes what a Watch is looking for.

Enumeration of types of events that may occur on the znode.

Basic type for errors returned from the server.

Enumeration of states the client may be at any time.


The interface for handling events when a Watch triggers.

Extended ZooKeeper operations that are not needed for the “core.”

Type Definitions

Value returned from potentially-error operations.