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Zipwhip API Wrapper for Rust

zipwhip-rs is a fast, async and safe wrapper of the Zipwhip API. Zipwhip text enables buisness's landlines, and also provides an API for sending SMS/MMS message.

This crate removes wraps the API and provides easy access to sending SMS and MMS messages

This example is not tested
 async fn main() -> Result<(), Box<dyn std::error::Error>> {
  // Create API Client
 let zw_client = zipwhip_rs::Client::with_key("<zipwhip session key>");
 // Send SMS
 zw_client.send_sms("+12064517010", "Hello, Zipwhip-rs!").await?;


Send an SMS with the message "Hello, Zipwhip-rs!"

For a more featureful example see the chatbot in the examples folder



Zipwhip API Client Requires a Zipwhip session key to be used


Rusty type representing a configured Zipwhip Webhook



Various webhook events one can listen for.


An error returned from the Zipwhip API Some of these errors are defined in the Zipwhip API specification, and are checked before sending the API request