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A library for calling function on certain events.

Zila is a fast and reliable library for performing tasks on certian events. It propvides both syncronuos and asyncronuos functions to make writing Rust code esier.

A Tour of Zila

Zila consists of a number of functions that provide essential for implementing event based applications in Rust. In this section, we will take a brief tour of zila, summarizing the major APIs and their uses.

The easiest way to get started is to enable all features. Do this by enabling the full feature flag:

zila = { version = "0.1.8", features = ["full"] }

Authoring applications

Zila is great for writing applications and most users in this case shouldn’t worry too much about what features they should pick. If you’re unsure, we suggest going with full to ensure that you don’t run into any road blocks while you’re building your application.


A basic logger with zila.

Make sure you activated the second featureof the zill crate on Cargo.toml

zila = { version = "0.1.8", features = ["second"] }

on your

use zila::call_every_second;

fn main() {
    call_every_second(|| {

More examples can be found here