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This is a BGP and BMP protocols driver library for Rust.

  • BGP - Border Gateway Protocol version 4.
  • BMP - BGP Monitoring Protocol version 3.

Supported BGP message types

  • Open
  • Notification
  • Keepalive
  • Update

Supported BMP message types

  • Initiation
  • Termination
  • PeerUpNotification
  • RouteMonitoring

Supported address families NLRI (network layer reachability information)

  • ipv4 unicast
  • ipv4 labeled-unicast
  • ipv4 multicast
  • ipv4 mvpn
  • vpnv4 unicast
  • vpnv4 multicast
  • ipv6 unicast
  • ipv6 labeled-unicast
  • ipv6 multicast
  • vpnv6 unicast
  • vpnv6 multicast
  • vpls
  • evpn
  • flowspec ipv4
  • flowspec ipv6

Supported path attributes

  • MED
  • Origin
  • Local preference
  • AS path
  • Communities
  • Extended communities
  • Aggregator AS
  • Atomic aggregate
  • Cluster list
  • Originator ID
  • Attribute set
  • some PMSI tunnels

Quick Start

Library allow you to parse protocol messages (as binary buffers) into Rust data structures to frther processing. Or generate valid protocol messages from Rust data structure. So it can be use in any environment (synrchronous or asynchronous) to make a BGP RR, monitoring system or BGP analytics.

use zettabgp::prelude::*;
use std::io::{Read,Write};
let mut socket = match std::net::TcpStream::connect("") {
 Ok(sck) => sck,
 Err(e) => {eprintln!("Unable to connect to BGP neighbor: {}",e);return;}
let params=BgpSessionParams::new(64512,180,BgpTransportMode::IPv4,std::net::Ipv4Addr::new(1,1,1,1),vec![BgpCapability::SafiIPv4u].into_iter().collect());
let mut buf = [0 as u8; 32768];
let mut open_my = params.open_message();
let open_sz = open_my.encode_to(&params, &mut buf[19..]).unwrap();
let tosend = params.prepare_message_buf(&mut buf, BgpMessageType::Open, open_sz).unwrap();
socket.write_all(&buf[0..tosend]).unwrap();//send my open message
socket.read_exact(&mut buf[0..19]).unwrap();//read response message head
let messagehead=params.decode_message_head(&buf).unwrap();//decode message head
if messagehead.0 == BgpMessageType::Open {
  socket.read_exact(&mut buf[0..messagehead.1]).unwrap();//read message body
  let mut bom = BgpOpenMessage::new();
  bom.decode_from(&params, &buf[0..messagehead.1]).unwrap();//decode received message body
  eprintln!("BGP Open message received: {:?}", bom);


This module describes NLRI data structures

BGP Monitoring Protocol (BMP) processing -

This module contains error struct

This module contains BGP messages

Convenience re-export of common members

This module contains some internal utilities


BGP capability AddPath.

BGP session parameters - AS, hold time, capabilities etc.


BGP capability for OPEN message.

BGP session transport - ipv4 or ipv6.


This trait represens NLRI which have sequental chain encoding with opaque length.

This trait represens BGP protocol message.