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This crate provides collection of types for various D-Bus bus names.

This is used by zbus (and in future by zbus_macros as well) crate. Other D-Bus crates are also encouraged to use this API in the spirit of cooperation. :)

For convenience, zbus re-exports this crate as names, so you do not need to depend directly on this crate if you already depend on zbus.

Status: Stable.


String that identifies an error name on the bus.
String that identifies an interface name on the bus.
String that identifies an member (method or signal) name on the bus.
Owned sibling of BusName.
Owned sibling of ErrorName.
Owned sibling of MemberName.
Owned sibling of UniqueName.
String that identifies a unique bus name.
String that identifies a well-known bus name.


String that identifies a bus name.
The error type for zbus_names.

Type Definitions

Alias for a Result with the error type zbus_names::Error.