[][src]Crate yup_hyper_mock

Contains various utility types and macros useful for testing hyper clients.


The mock_connector! and mock_connector_in_order! macros can be used to feed a client with preset data. That way you can control exactly what it will see, confining the test-case to its own sandbox that way.

All types they define are public to allow them to be used in other unit-tests. Please note that integration tests cannot share their mock types anyway, as each integration test goes into its own binary.


Set it up for use in tests in Cargo.toml

yup-hyper-mock = "*"
log = "*"  # log macros are used within yup-hyper-mock

Link it into your src/(lib.rs|main.rs)

#[cfg(test)] #[macro_use]
extern crate "yup-hyper-mock" as hyper_mock



This macro maps host URLs to a respective reply, which is given in plain-text. It ignores everything that is written to it.


This macro yields all given server replies in the order they are given. The destination host URL doesn't matter at all.



A Connect which provides a single reply stream per host.


A connector which requires you to implement the Default trait, allowing you to determine the data it should be initialized with