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A simple, easy to use command line menu for Rust.


There are two methods you need to be familiar with to get started: Menu::new which takes an Iterator as an argument, and Menu::show which initializes ncurses and displays the menu.

Here is a minimal example that displays the range 0..100 in a menu:

use youchoose;

fn main() {
    let mut menu = youchoose::Menu::new(0..100);
    let choice =;
    // `choice` is a Vec<usize> containing the chosen indices
    println!("Index of the chosen item: {:?}", choice);

basic config

Either ↓↑ or jk can be used to scroll, and return is used to select. ESC or q can be used to quit.


The youchoose::Menu has a preview feature, which executes a command and shows the results on a seperate pane.

use youchoose;

fn main(){
    let mut menu = youchoose::Menu::new(0..100)
    let choice =;
    println!("Chose {:?}", choice);

fn multiples(num: i32) -> String {
    let mut buffer = String::new();
    for i in 0..20 {
            &format!("{} times {} is equal to {}!\n", num, i, num * i)



Let’s take a look at an example that showcases the available methods for customization.

use youchoose;

fn main() {
    let mut menu = youchoose::Menu::new(0..100)
        .preview(multiples)              // Sets the preview function
        .preview_pos(youchoose::ScreenSide::Bottom, 0.3)  // Sets the position of the preview pane
        .preview_label(" multiples ".to_string())    // Sets the text at the top of the preview pane
        .multiselect()                   // Allows multiple items to be selected
        .icon(":(")                      // Sets the default (not selected) icon for an item
        .selected_icon(":)")             // The icon for selected items
        .add_multiselect_key('s' as i32) // Bind the 's' key to multiselect
        .add_up_key('u' as i32)          // Bind the 'u' key to up
        .add_down_key('d' as i32)        // Bind the 'd' key to down
        .add_select_key('.' as i32);     // Bind the '.' key to select

    let choice =;

fn multiples(num: i32) -> String {
    // --- Snip ---

fully customized



A Menu that lazily displays an iterable and (optionally) its preview.



Determines the side on which a pane should be located.