[][src]Trait yew::html::Component

pub trait Component<CTX>: Sized + 'static {
    type Message: 'static;
    type Properties: Clone + PartialEq + Default;
    fn create(props: Self::Properties, context: &mut Env<CTX, Self>) -> Self;
fn update(
        &mut self,
        msg: Self::Message,
        context: &mut Env<CTX, Self>
    ) -> ShouldRender; fn change(
        &mut self,
        _: Self::Properties,
        _context: &mut Env<CTX, Self>
    ) -> ShouldRender { ... }
fn destroy(&mut self, _context: &mut Env<CTX, Self>) { ... } }

An interface of a UI-component. Uses self as a model.

Associated Types

Control message type which update loop get.

Properties type of component implementation. It sould be serializable because it's sent to dynamicaly created component (layed under VComp) and must be restored for a component with unknown type.

Required Methods

Initialization routine which could use a context.

Called everytime when a messages of Msg type received. It also takes a reference to a context.

Provided Methods

This method called when properties changes, and once when component created.

Called for finalization on the final point of the component's lifetime.