[][src]Module yew::prelude

The Yew Prelude

The purpose of this module is to alleviate imports of many common types:

use yew::prelude::*;


pub use crate::agent::Bridge;
pub use crate::agent::Bridged;
pub use crate::agent::Threaded;
pub use crate::app::App;
pub use crate::callback::Callback;
pub use crate::events::*;
pub use crate::html::Children;
pub use crate::html::ChildrenWithProps;
pub use crate::html::Component;
pub use crate::html::ComponentLink;
pub use crate::html::Href;
pub use crate::html::Html;
pub use crate::html::NodeRef;
pub use crate::html::Properties;
pub use crate::html::Renderable;
pub use crate::html::ShouldRender;
pub use crate::macros::*;
pub use crate::virtual_dom::Classes;



Prelude module for creating worker.