[][src]Struct ybc::NavbarDropdownProps

pub struct NavbarDropdownProps {
    pub children: Children,
    pub classes: Option<String>,
    pub navlink: Html,
    pub hoverable: bool,
    pub dropup: bool,
    pub right: bool,
    pub arrowless: bool,
    pub boxed: bool,


children: Children

The content of the dropdown; these should all be NavbarItems & NavbarDividers.

classes: Option<String>navlink: Html

The contents of the navbar-link used for triggering the dropdown menu.

hoverable: bool

Make this dropdown triggerable based on hover.

dropup: bool

Configure this manu to be a dropup.

right: bool

Render the contents of this dropdown to the right.

arrowless: bool

Remove the arrow from the dropdown menu trigger.

boxed: bool

Use the boxed style for the dropdown, typically coupled with a transparent navbar.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for NavbarDropdownProps[src]

impl Debug for NavbarDropdownProps[src]

impl PartialEq<NavbarDropdownProps> for NavbarDropdownProps[src]

impl Properties for NavbarDropdownProps[src]

type Builder = NavbarDropdownPropsBuilder<NavbarDropdownPropsBuilderStep_missing_required_prop_navlink>

Builder that will be used to construct properties

impl StructuralPartialEq for NavbarDropdownProps[src]

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