Trait yaxpeax_arch::Arch[][src]

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a collection of associated type parameters that constitute the definitions for an instruction set. Arch provides an Instruction and its associated Operands, which is guaranteed to be decodable by this Arch::Decoder. Arch::Decoder can always be constructed with a Default implementation, and decodes from a Reader<Arch::Address, Arch::Word>.

Arch is suitable as the foundational trait to implement more complex logic on top of; for example, it would be entirely expected to have a

pub fn emulate<A: Arch, E: Emulator<A>>(
    reader: &mut Reader<A::Address, A::Word>,
    emu: &mut E
) -> Result<A::Address, DecodeOrEvaluationError>;

in some library built on top of yaxpeax-arch.

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