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yate is a simple, idiomatic, combined html template engine and static site generator.

Templating is done through composing html macro generated string chunks that can be returned by Rust functions. The macro, powered by syn-rsx, supports arbitrary Rust syntax in braced blocks in various html positions which unlocks using regular language features without being limited by specialized template syntax. The fact that the composed content is just a string makes it very flexible and allows e.g. serving it with a webserver or write it as static content.

Embedded Rust code in braced blocks inside the html! macro must return something that implements std::fmt::Display. More information about supported syntax can be found here.


use yate::html;

fn content() -> String {
    html! { <div>"content"</div> }

fn index() -> String {
    html! {
        <!DOCTYPE html>

std::fs::write("index.html", index())?;

Html escaping

There is syntax sugar available that passes expressions in braced blocks into html_escape::escape_text(). Works like this:

let div = yate::html! { <div>{%= "<uwu>" %}</div> };
assert_eq!(div, "<div>&lt;uwu&gt;</div>")


pub use html_escape;


Converts HTML to String