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This module provides low-level generated gRPC clients for the Yandex Cloud APIs.

The clients are generated using the tonic and prost crates and have default configuration.

Documentation present in the protos is retained into the generated Rust types, but for detailed API information you should visit the official Yandex Cloud Documentation pages:

The proto sources are available on the Yandex Cloud GitHub.

The majority of user-facing structures can be found in the yandex::cloud module.


Typically to use these APIs, you need to provide an authentication credential and an endpoint to connect to. The full list of Yandex’s endpoints is available online and you should look up the service you plan to use and pick the correct endpoint from the list.

Authentication is done via an HTTP header using an IAM token, which can be done in Tonic using interceptors. The AuthInterceptor provided by this crate can be used for that purpose.

Full usage examples are available here.



  • Interceptor for adding authentication headers to gRPC requests. This is constructed with a callable that returns authentication tokens.


  • Helper trait for types or closures that can provide authentication tokens for Yandex Cloud.