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yall: Yet Another Little Logger

A simple lightweight backend for the log crate.

  • Logs to stderr
  • Simple standard terminal colors, no RGB or 256-color themes that may clash with the terminal theme
  • By default, color is auto-detected based on whether stderr is a tty, but can be forced on or off with the Logger::color method.
  • Info level messages are unformatted with no color or prefix
  • Error/Warn/Debug/Trace messages are Red/Yellow/Cyan/Blue, respectively
  • Debug and Trace levels show the filename and line number.
  • Minimal dependencies
  • Configured with code rather than environment variables



  • Re-exports of the error, warn, info, debug, and trace macros in the log crate.


  • The main struct of this crate which implements the Log trait.


  • Whether to enable colored output, the usual suspects.