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yaks aims to be a minimalistic and performant framework for automatic multithreading of hecs via rayon.

The goals are, in no particular order:

  • safety
  • simplicity
  • performance
  • extensibility
  • tight engineering
  • minimal dependencies
  • effortless concurrency

Cargo features

  • parallel - enabled by default; can be disabled to force yaks to work on a single thread. Useful for writing the code once, and running it on platforms with or without threading.
  • test - if enabled, turns off an internal drop check. Useful to prevent panic while panicking when automatically testing panic conditions.


A more elaborate and annotated example can be found here.

use hecs::{With, Without, World};
use yaks::{Executor, QueryMarker};

let mut world = World::new();
let mut entities = 0u32;
world.spawn_batch((0..100u32).map(|index| {
    entities += 1;
world.spawn_batch((0..100u32).map(|index| {
    entities += 1;
    (index, index as f32)
let mut increment = 5usize;
let mut average = 0f32;
let mut executor = Executor::<(u32, usize, f32)>::builder()
        |context, (entities, average): (&u32, &mut f32), query: QueryMarker<&f32>| {
            *average = 0.0;
            for (_entity, float) in context.query(query).iter() {
                *average += *float;
            *average /= *entities as f32;
        |context, increment: &usize, query: QueryMarker<&mut u32>| {
            for (_entity, unsigned) in context.query(query).iter() {
                *unsigned += *increment as u32
    .system_with_deps(system_with_two_queries, vec!["increment", "average"])
executor.run(&world, (&mut entities, &mut increment, &mut average));

fn system_with_two_queries(
    context: yaks::SystemContext,
    (entities, average): (&u32, &f32),
    (with_f32, without_f32): (
        QueryMarker<With<f32, &mut u32>>,
        QueryMarker<Without<f32, &mut u32>>,
) {
    yaks::batch(&mut context.query(with_f32), entities / 8, |_, unsigned| {
        *unsigned += average.round() as u32;
        &mut context.query(without_f32),
        entities / 8,
        |_entity, unsigned| {
            *unsigned *= average.round() as u32;



A sealed container for systems that may be executed in parallel.


A factory for Executor (and the only way of creating one).


A zero-sized Copy type used to describe queries of a system, and prepare them via methods of SystemContext.


Thin wrapper over hecs::World, can prepare queries using a QueryMarker.



Distributes over a rayon thread pool the work of applying a function to items in a query. See hecs::QueryBorrow::iter_batched().