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Yet Another Daemonizer is a daemonizing crate to easily, simply, and correctly create legacy daemons.

This crate focuses on manually creating a background process which is not managed by a supervisor such as systemd or launchd. It strives to follow all the best practices to correctly daemonize a process.


use yad::Stdio;

match yad::with_options()
    Ok(_) => println!("I'm a daemon"),
    Err(err) => eprintln!("Failed to launch daemon: {}", err),



pub use options::Stdio;


Configuration for starting the daemon.


An error that occurs during initialization that can be represented as an i32 and sent through the pipe back to the invoking process error handling.


Wrapped errors that can happen after the daemon has forked.
Errors that can happen while daemonizing.


Starts the daemon with default options.
Starts the daemon with default options executing initialization after forking the process.
Starts the daemon with the given options.