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A library designed to provide a curses alternative.

Explaining things is hard, so here’s an example:

use yacll::Yogurt;

fn main() -> yacll::Result<()> {
    let mut y = Yogurt::new();
    // does not add newline
    y.print("Hello, world!\n")?;
    // flush the buffer (print just queues things for execution)
// try running `$ cargo run --example=quickstart` if you have the repository cloned!

For serializing/deserializing of some structs, the serde feature can be enabled.


Enums and structs for getting input from the user.
Enums and structs used for stylizing text and the cursor.


A point on the screen.
Yet Another Data Storage U Struct. Main struct for methods.


Different ways to clear the terminal buffer.
Yet Another Error enum.

Type Definitions

Result with the given type and an instance of Yarr.