[][src]Function xpx_supercontracts_sdk::transactions::flush

pub fn flush() -> FunctionResult

Flush send immediately Transactions from current transactions pool.

Flush should use carefully. If Leader of SuperContract execution invoke Flush then SuperContract will be paused ann waite Signing from other Executors. When Flush will send from non-leader it mean fire process of signing transactions from Leader of SuperContract execution. In both case SuperContract will be paused waiting event from other Executors.


use xpx_supercontracts_sdk::transactions::{
use xpx_supercontracts_sdk::transactions_type::MosaicDefinition;

let pub_key = "2C8178EF9ED7A6D30ABDC1E4D30D68B05861112A98B1629FBE2C8D16FDE97A1C".to_string();
let params = MosaicDefinition{
	nonce: 100,
	owner_public_key: pub_key,
	mosaic_props: None,
// Add transaction to Transactions Pool
let tx_result = mosaic_definition(&params);
if tx_result.is_err() {
    // Some error handling
// Flush current Transactions Pool
let flush_result = flush();
if flush_result.is_err() {
    // Some error handling