Struct x264_framing::Setup [] [src]

pub struct Setup { /* fields omitted */ }

Used to build the encoder.


impl Setup

Begin with a preset.

In most cases, no further customization is necessary.

The first pass will be faster, probably.

The width of the video, in pixels. Set this!

The height of the video, in pixels. Set this!

The video's FPS, represented as a rational number.

The encoder's time base, used in rate control with timestamps.

If you need to know what this is, you already do.

Approximately restricts the bitrate to somewhere in a huge ballpark.

Use the baseline profile, in the event that your decoders are crippled.

Please don't use this.

Tells the encoder to use the high profile.

This restricts its wizardry to something lesser decoders can understand. You shouldn't need to do this most of the time, but do it anyway if you're paranoid.

Builds the encoder.

Trait Implementations

impl Default for Setup

Returns the "default value" for a type. Read more