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Wycheproof test vectors

Wycheproof is a set of cryptographic tests created by a team at Google which checks for common bugs and corner cases in cryptographic code.

This crate is a convenient repacking of the Wycheproof JSON-formatted test data with deserialization to easily usable structs.

Hex and base64 encoded data is all decoded to binary Vec<u8> for your convenience. Large integers (such as those used in the primality tests) are left as big-endian byte arrays rather than being decoded to num_bigint due to the proliferation of different multi-precision integers libraries in use in the Rust ecosystem.

Each submodule of this crate includes a set of structs: a TestName which specifies which individual test is desired, a TestSet which is the set of data associated with the TestName. Each TestSet contains one or more TestGroups, which in turn contain some amount of test-specific configuration information along with a list of Test which are the actual tests.

Each test has an expected result which is either Valid, Invalid, or Acceptable. Acceptable just means that the test is technically valid but might still be rejected for various reasons, for instance because the hash function that was used is too weak for proper security.


fn print_gcm() {
    // Print all AES-GCM test vector data
    let test_set = wycheproof::aead::TestSet::load(wycheproof::aead::TestName::AesGcm).unwrap();

    for test_group in test_set.test_groups {
            "* Group key size:{} tag size:{} nonce size:{}",
            test_group.key_size, test_group.tag_size, test_group.nonce_size,
        for test in test_group.tests {
                "Test:{} Key:{} AAD:{} PT:{} CT:{} Tag:{}",
// Iterate over all of the AEAD tests
for aead in wycheproof::aead::TestName::all() {
   println!("{:?}", aead);


AEAD tests

IND-CPA cipher tests

Deterministic AEAD tests

DSA verification tests

ECDH key agreement tests

ECDSA tests

EdDSA verification tests

HKDF tests

NIST keywrapping tests

Message Authentication Code tests

Message Authentication Code tests

Primality checking tests

RSA OAEP decryption tests

RSA PKCS1v1.5 decryption tests

RSA PKCS1v1.5 signature generation tests

RSA PKCS1v1.5 verification tests

RSA PSS verification tests

Montgomery curve ECDH tests



Edwards curves

Prime order elliptic curves

Hash Function identifiers

MGF identifiers

Montgomery curves

The expected result of a Wycheproof test

The error type