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Macros for defining function wrappers and wrapped functions.


wrap provides two macros, def_wrapper! and wrap_with!. def_wrapper! lets you define before and after actions to wrap any given function. wrappers can then be applied to arbitrary functions using wrap_with! which takes a wrapper name and function definition and expands to a wrapped form.

before blocks can be used to evaluate the wrapped function's arguments, create and pass on contextual info to the wrapped function, and short-circuit to return before evaluation of the wrapped function. before blocks' access to the wrapped function arguments is limited to a tuple of references, (&arg1, &arg2, ...). before blocks cannot own or mutate function arguments as that would require cloning all arguments and defining wrap_with! functions to take mut arguments.

after blocks can be used to mutate the wrapped function's result and can access the before block's value. after blocks cannot access the wrapped function's arguments as the wrapped function is expected to consume them.

See examples for more complex wrappers.

#[macro_use] extern crate wrap;

def_wrapper!{log_wrap =
    before = (fn_args) >> {
        println!("* [log] >> before everything! fn_args: {:?}", fn_args);
    after  = (wrapped_result) >> {
        println!("* [log] >> after everything! wrapped_result: {:?}", wrapped_result);

wrap_with!{log_wrap >>
fn greet(name: &str) -> String = {
    format!("Hello, {}!", name)

pub fn main() {